Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 is now in Early Access.

I wanted to open a Topic so people here can post their findings and thoughts on UE5.

PC Gamer Article, performance test.

This guy took a 10million poly photo scan of his dog, and duplicated it over 1,000 times. He stopped because he “got bored and it didn’t even blink.” It seems like Epic is not exaggerating.

Unreal 5 now seems to include a few rudimentary 3D modeling tools!
So far, most of those tools seem to be limited to a few deformers and sculpting tools like Lattice, Smooth, Offset, VSculpt & DSculpt. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit UV’s, extrude, bevel or add edge loops. Though that may not be far-fetched in a future update. This video demonstrates the Lattice tool at work, as well as generating a Head-Helmet for a Meta-Human character. At the very least, it seems whiteboxing will be much easier and allow for more extensive pre-visuals! ^^