Inventory / Equipment: Maps

Please see the Inventory / Equipment System topic for more details on this Menu at large. This is just going to be discussing the Maps tab.

So in case you weren’t aware, this is the current concept for Maps:

And @Dan and I have had differing opinions on how the layout of this tab should work.

Matt’s Map Concept

So you can collect an infinite number of Maps, and they’ll be categorized as so:

  • Regions: Any large map goes in here. The Althas Continent, the Althas Regions such as Thenodar (Narthendar), Anorthile, etc.
  • Settlements & Forts: Village, Town, City and Fort Maps.
    • I’ve been thinking we could maybe just make this tab Settlements? A Fort is a kind of Settlement, yes?
  • Caves: Caves and Dungeons
    • Because this tab should cover more then just Caves (Dungeons as I pointed out), maybe call this an Interior map?

Region and Settlements & Fort Maps you can buy in the game. They would be static images, a vast contrast to the “GPS, Overhead” Maps we see in a lot of other RPGs. It doesn’t tell you where you are (or even if you are) on the Map, simply use it as a resource to help you pathfind.

Cave Maps are a bit different: these wouldn’t be Maps you can buy. Your character “draws” out the map (much like in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion). So it’s kind of like a “Fog of War” as you explore in the cave. Unlike Oblivion, I prefer the Player’s position never be shown, just the parts in the Map the character has drawn, so the Player still needs to be a lot of attention.


  • Left Side: The Region Map (in this case Thenodar)
  • Middle: The maps to select from. Pretend the Thenodar one over the Mouse is highlighted.
  • Right Side: This is a large Althas Map, but it highlights the area of Althas represented on the Left Side Map.



  • Left Side: The Settlement Map (in this case Arisan)
  • Middle: The maps to select from. Pretend the Arisan one over the Mouse is highlighted.
  • Right Side: This is a Thenodar Region Map, but it highlights the area of Althas represented on the Left Side Map (see that yellow dot?). This tells you teh Map is in Thenodar, and where in Thenodar it is.


I … don’t have one yet. I’m really not sure a good way to do an Oblivion-style Cave Map without giving away the size of the cave (since we have a limited amount of window space.

I was thinking the Left Side would be the Cave Map (with a parchment texture over all the parts you haven’t explored yet). Not sure what would be on the Right Side though (a Region Map like for the SETTLEMENTS & FORTS?)

Thoughts? I would also like to see @Dan’s proposal here as well. I believe his will basically be the Oblivion System, but you can zoom in and out (3 levels). His Cave Map idea I think is similar to mine, but for the Zoomable Map idea, it will require buying maps to see parts of the interactive map.

It looks like you’ve already come up with a bit of a hybrid from the system you first proposed to me - but I’m liking it more.

What I think we should do is make the “full” map on the right-hand side interative such that you can zoom in and out to a certain extent, and let you select the regions and settlements by physically clicking on them. Once you click on an area, it will then show you the detailed version on the left.

I feel that making the map system “object only” rather than an interactive map will make navigating it extremely cklunky and cause a lot of disorientation. Doing it the way above will still give us the feeling of discreet maps, particularly with my proposed “grid fog of war”.

I will make a mockup of what I am proposing shortly and upload it.

Also I had previously started a topic here:
I wouldn’t regard the map menu as “inventory” given that it has a very specific purpose.

I look forward to seeing your visual concept @Dan. And I’m liking the idea of an Interactive Map perhaps a bit more, if we can also have static maps as well.

I mainly fear the workload for 2D Art with what I’m suggesting though. I do wonder if there is software that exists with Map Creation in mind …

I forgot about that previous topic, thanks for bringing it up!

I disagree: A Map is an Inventory Item. If you can buy it, and I assume you’ll be able to sell Maps too, and you can store it on your Character, it’s an Inventory Item.

I think whatever we do, unless it’s a “live” overhead map, it’s going to require a lot of illustration work. We can probably start to convert overhead renderings into map art fairly easily once level design is nearing the end.

I’m not denying that it’s an inventory, but I think calling this the “map inventory” is misleading. It’s function first and foremost is to display maps, and it handles significantly differently to other inventory items.